When: Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th October 2019

Where: The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs (Dogs NSW)

Address: 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW

Border Collie, 9 months old, stalking sheep

A complete National event schedule is still being finalised, however proposed key dates for the disciplines are:

  • Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October - HERDING
  • Thursday 10th October - DANCES WITH DOGS
  • Friday 11th October - OBEDIENCE, RALLY and Official Opening (PM)
  • Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October - CONFORMATION (BREED) and AGILITY, JUMPING & GAMES
  • Sunday 13th October - Closing Ceremony & Presentation Dinner (PM)


To be advised once it has been finalised with Dogs NSW…


We are proud to introduce to you our esteemed panel of judges for this event! Visit our BC Nationals Australia Facebook page for more information on our judges, including some brief judging biographies!

Heidi Poschacher (Austria)

Conformation (Breed)

Emily Barnhart (USA)

Property (Breed)

Vicki Etherington OAM (NSW)

Dances With Dogs

Claire Hamilton (USA)

Herding (Ducks & Sheep)

Ross Carlson (Vic)


Joan Stewart (NSW)

Dances With Dogs

Libby Ellery (NZ)

Agility & Jumping + Games

Ron Probert (NSW)


Andrea Yerbury (NSW)

Dances With Dogs

Entering the show

More information to come once schedule has been finalised. Online entries will be available for all disciplines!

Exhibitor Facilities

The Dogs NSW grounds boasts excellent exhibitor facilities.  In addition to these basics, the club are looking into:

  • Large marquees for exhibitor use. Details still being finalised, however there will be marquees for hire by exhibitors for the weekend.  We will have as many as we can accomodate in the space, but numbers will be limited. An announcement will be made when we are ready to take bookings.
  • On-site bathing/grooming facilities (TBC)
  • Exhibitor and guest complementary hospitality (TBC)