When: Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th October 2019

Where: The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs (Dogs NSW)

Address: 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW


The club contracted the services of a wonderful team of photographers to capture those precious memories and official pictures of the 5th National. Details for photographers and specific events are as below:

  • Ffire Photography covered the Breed ring (including all official photographs) Saturday & Sunday, as well as Dances With Dogs (including official photographs) on Thursday, the Opening Ceremony and a range of other candids from Saturday and Sunday. Visit their website for galleries and purchase information.
  • Western Sydney Dog Lovers Photography covered Obedience & Rally O (including official photographs) on Friday, Dances With Dogs ring shots on Thursday, and a range of candids from the Breed and Agility rings on Saturday and Sunday. Visit their Facebook page for galleries and to purchase.
  • Zandeena Images covered all Herding classes (including official photographs) on Thursday and Friday. Visit their website for galleries and purchase information.
  • Pinnacle Photography covered the Agility & Jumping rings (including official photographs) on Saturday and Sunday. Visit their website for galleries and purchase information.

Our photographers worked hard over the four days to bring you some fantastic memories, and they would very much appreciate your support of their work.


As is tradition for National events, Breed judging (Dogs & Bitches) at the 5th Border Collie National was videoed over the two days by Prestige Drone Services. 

Details of cost, ordering etc will be available in due course.

In the meantime, please enjoy this short teaser put together by our fantastic videographer Scott.

Day 1 Bitch winners video of the BC Nationals 2019

The day one Bitch winners of the BC Nationals 2019. This video follows the sequence of events as placed in their offical program.An absoulte wonderful day desipte the weather, all participates should be very proud of their efforts on the dayPhotos provided by Ffiona.music - bensound - adventure

Posted by Prestige Drone Services on Tuesday, October 22, 2019
5th National - Sydney 2019 - Thanks for the memories...!

Please enjoy this quick 'snapshot' of the National weekend!Thanks for the memories...!

Posted by BC Nationals Australia on Friday, November 1, 2019

Thank you everyone for your support of our show!!


Would you like to know more about our fabulous panel of judges?

Click here to read short judges' biographies for our full panel!

Some thank you messages...

We feel it is timely, now that the dust has begun to settle from what was undoubtedly a fantastic weekend, to publicly acknowledge all those who helped put this National together. There were too many of you to name at the Presentation Dinner (or else we may have been there until midnight!), so please we would appreciate if everyone could take a moment to read through this long list of contributors for the 5th Australian Border Collie National.

Firstly, thank you to all our exhibitors in every discipline for your support of our National! Your entry helped to make this event truly spectacular, the sportsmanship on display was exemplary and the quality of competition was impressive!

A special thank you to our wonderful panel of judges across all events who accepted our invitations so enthusiastically – your warmth and excitement was infectious and went a big way to making this event so successful! Extra thanks to Ross Carlson and family for his willingness to ‘roll up sleeves’ and pitch in throughout the weekend – it was very much appreciated!

Also, a big thank you to all our helpers and workers on the day – there were many of you! But especially our army of stewards, stock handlers, lead holders, timers, scribes, officials, announcers (and anyone else we may have inadvertently forgotten) who put their hand up to help us run six disciplines! We could not have run this National without you and your expertise certainly ensured everything ran smoothly.

To our International visitors and guests – thank you for coming all the way to Australia! Your presence at the 5th National and support of our Border Collies was very much appreciated and made the event all the more special – we hope you enjoyed your stay!

We were blessed to have the support of corporate sponsors as well as personal donors and clubs whose contributions went a long way to making this event possible! Too many to list here individually, but they are all acknowledged on our website and in the catalogue. As we recognised at our Official Opening Ceremony, an extra special thanks to Libby from Blackhawk for always saying “yes” to our multiple requests and questions, and for their outstanding support of this National as our major sponsor.

Big shout out to the Dogs NSW Board of Directors, Grounds Committee and staff for their assistance in putting an event of this size together, use of the brand-new Dogs NSW Library, and for allowing us to enact our ‘vision’ in rethinking the way the Dogs NSW rings, grounds and Rotunda could be used. We think the Rotunda in particular underwent a vast transformation and we were pleased and proud to use this historic building as the perfect rustic hub of our show.

Our committee was a small band, as is the case with many breed clubs these days trying to do a big job with a limited workforce, but we are very proud of the National we managed to put together. At the forefront of our minds was to put on an event that was a celebration of our breed and its long history in this country, as well as the special people behind the dogs. We have a fabulous community to be proud of, and it was heartening to see you all enjoying each other’s company and supporting the successes of our beautiful breed! So big thank you to the BCCNSW Inc club, with events organised by:

  • Patrice Smith, Lauren Somers & Courtney Spencer who oversaw the ‘National operation’ and specifically the breed ring events. We were greatly supported by Lynne Cook who came on board as Show Manager and her hard work behind the scenes was invaluable!
  • Ann Lenehan & Julia Lawrie who took charge of the massive task of directing the Agility, Jumping & Games trial, drawing in a record entry!
  • Ann Moy, Sue Fedoryschyn & Kathryn Griffiths who organised the Herding trials, including caring and transport of the ducks all the way from Raglan!
  • Julie Huber who made sure the Obedience and Rally O competitions ran smoothly in a fantastic entry, including her quick thinking in securing two additional judges and four stewards in record time to ensure we could accommodate all exhibitors!
  • Penny Dalzell (not officially on committee) but who was the first to put her hand up to help to put together a fantastic Dances With Dogs competition.
  • Courtney S (assisted by Lynne & Courtney Butler) took charge of communications, including the Facebook page, website and International Guest mailouts.
  • Kathryn, Ann L & Julia for taking charge of the Merchandise and sales items, and for finding SportsCentre to do our wonderful branded items!
  • Julia, as treasurer, your attention to detail was second-to-none and you have done brilliantly at this massive job.
  • Lynne for taking charge of the Corporate Sponsorship and drumming up some truly fantastic support for our show, and Courtney S for facilitating the personal donations.
  • Also thanks to Judy de Jong, Brett Farrell, Karen Galbraith and especially Hannah Kelly for their contributions whilst on committee in getting the National up and running, as well as your continued support of the event in terms of giving your time and assisting with fundraising.

We were lucky to have the experienced Lynda Brandt come on board as our Master of Ceremonies, and her assistance behind the scenes leading up to and at the weekend, including paperwork, on-the-go problem solving and a multitude of general duties, was simply amazing - Thank you!

Thank you to Courtney Butler for coming on board to take on two big jobs in volunteering to do marquee organisation and catalogue advertising – your help was fantastic and very much appreciated by us!

Tracie Buckley, ably assisted by husband Peter and daughter Kathleen, was an invaluable asset to the National effort, in organising our major fundraiser the Virtual Dog Show (which was a great success!), organising the framing of our many prints and artworks, setting up much of the trophy table, supplying historical images and articles and the fantastic mementos of the 1st National video! A few very significant jobs, and as always Tracie said “yes” with her signature smile!

As well as the committee, we were blessed to have quite a few helpers pitch in over the weekend who were not on committee, we were blown away with your work guys!

  • Mel Dean, Daryn & Vicki Collins and Bronwyn Potter were also there early on to help with the setup of the space, especially the Rotunda. Thanks to Ann Moy, Lynne Cook, Deb, Lauren and the Meagher family for suppling all the great 'props' used in the Rotunda decoration.
  • Lauren, Courtney S, Patrice, Errol and Daryn for the design and set up of the Conformation ring.
  • Daryn for his excellent BBQ skills for our Herding exhibitors and for all the carting, carrying, shifting, lifting and moving of anything and everything!
  • Vicki and Bronwyn for getting our Rally Judge safely to and from the airport on Friday.
  • Judy de Jong for chaperoning our Breed judge in the days leading up to the National, and also to Ross Carlson for likewise ensuring Heidi was well taken care of during the weekend.
  • Ann and Julia for collecting our Agility/Jumping Judge from the airport, hosting her for the National and then returning her safely back to the airport on Monday.
  • Errol & Joy Badior for their excellent care of our Herding Judge, and for taking the ‘early shift’ and getting her to the grounds ready for judging as the sun was still coming up! Special thanks to Joy for also making the beautifully decorated National cakes and for running endless errands.
  • Julie Huber, Errol & Joy, Royson Valore, Patrice & Simon Mills for your help and supplying of plants and items to allow us to beautifully decorate the rings and surrounds and Lauren for making the crouching BCs, as well as the signage and banners.
  • Carol Daniel was a huge help in the setup on Thursday through to Sunday, especially taking charge of finalizing the trophies and ribbons ready for presentations. Your positivity and willingness to jump in feet first to get things done was simply amazing – many many thanks Carol!
  • Brooke Taylor for your help setting up for the Opening on Friday, including the sales table.
  • Kelly Gill and her Wonderdogs for your enthusiasm and creativity which helped to make the Opening Ceremony truly special xx
  • Ann Knight for all your help with the pre-event preparations and for making an unscheduled dash to the city to pick up some trophy items when they were not delivered as promised!
  • Sue Brazier for all your support and assistance whenever needed over the weekend.
  • Colleen Finch for handmaking those beautiful tissue holder gifts for the exhibitor bags, as well as many of those gorgeous items our lucky exhibitors won or purchased from the merchandise stand.
  • Deirdre Bolwell, Trudi Thorpe and Donna Morris for your help manning stands, sorting, labelling and generally ‘getting the job done.’
  • Teresa Bailey & Deb Richardson for organizing pick up and transport of trophies and sponsorship items to the grounds.
  • Hannah Kelly for all your assistance and ‘running around’ on Friday (and in less than favourable weather conditions!)
  • Mel & Brett for making sure the Keith Tulloch Wine made it safely to the Opening Ceremony on Friday (arguably one of the most important jobs)!
  • Deb Richardson and Lauren Somers for organising and preparing the wonderful spread on the grazing table on Friday night! Also thanks to Courtney B for going out in the storm to collect some of the food and to one of our breed stewards Nellie Abela who kindly pitched in to help with the cleanup on Saturday morning before her stewarding gig!
  • Joy Badior, Patrice, Mel, Lynne and Julia for manning the Library and organising the refreshments for the judges and lunches.
  • Kathleen Buckley & Fiona Knight for helping pack up the trophies and transporting them to the venue for the preliminary setup of the Presentation Dinner on Saturday evening.
  • Shiralee Fossey, Ross Carlson, Daryn, Brenda, Sue (and probably others!) for getting that welcome sign to finally sit right!
  • Mel Scriven & Alex Mullaly (and we're sure others!) for stepping up and helping cart dog food and trophies at the end of a big Saturday when a very tired committee needed a hand!

We were lucky to have a great team of photographers on hand for all events and thank them for their time and talents.

Jeremy & Ruth from ShowManager were a great asset to the behind-the-scenes organisation of this event, especially in the production of the beautiful colour catalogue. Also thanks to Courtney S for taking on the painstaking job of design, formatting, editing, and organising the final catalogue production and for Lynne, Ruth, Ann, Julia, Patrice, Lauren & Nadia for putting together the event entry pages.

In closing, thanks everyone for a fantastic 5th National, and we extend our best wishes to the next host club.